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Spending A night once a month

So my girlfriends and I from West Midland escorts often set aside a night once a month or once every 6 weeks just to get together and have some girly time. This often results in exotic fruit chocolate desserts popcorn and A LOT of alcohol. My idea of heaven. This time we were all meeting at my house as I just got it redecorated so I was eager to show off my new house makeover to my West Midland escorts girlfriends in We all work so hard we hardly ever get to just sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor.


So Tina turned up first she’s our elite West Midland escort always perfect never a hair out of place which bothers the others but I don’t see anything wrong with striving for perfection. Sandra was next she’s our busty West Midland escorts, I don’t know how she does it but they are all natural absolutely humongous and they manage to stay up without a bra! I must ask her one day what her secret is. Then the twins Lana and Lisa came about 25 minutes later. The twins are a commodity at West Midland escorts they are so popular and always in demand from clients. Bella is usually late so the girls and I just started the fire and got the food and drink sorted to start the evening. So about 3 hours later after a few refills of the twin’s special cocktail, which to be fair was just every drink we had thrown over some ice, the doorbell rang. We were all joking about how late Bella was but when I answered the door it was to my pleasant surprise that a tall dark handsome man. I composed myself trying to suck up my drunkenness and asked how I could help such a handsome being. He very calmly asked for Lana.


I called Lana to the door and heard the rest of the girls giggling from behind the pillar. Apparently this gorgeous man was Lana’s boyfriend but had come to break up with her, but hear the twist……he’s breaking up with her for her twin sister Lisa. As we were over hearing …. Well eaves dropping on their argument we were all in fits of laughter and shock. What could Lisa possible have that Lana doesn’t. For crying out loud they are IDENTICAL twins! But apparently our second West Midland escort twin does some freaky things that our other first West Midland escorts twin Lana doesn’t do. We heard it all and our giggles swooned silenced and our jaws dropped with shock. We turned to Lisa who by this time had turned bright red with embarrassment.


Lana’s boyfriend who’s name we still don’t know went on to explain how Lisa enjoyed licking his feet and how she wouldn’t complain when he would come in her face and she would lick and play with his ass hole without even being asked. And he loves the freaky things she does with the cucumber while she gives him head……. At that point I started to cover my ears I couldn’t believe what I was hearing well as you can imagine our regular meetings with the girls from West Midland escorts no longer include the freaky twins.

Obtaining Maximum Sexual Pleasure from a Professional Escort

Hiring a professional escort for a night can be an unforgettable experience in your life. If you desire to have incredible sexual pleasure without any emotional expectations, then looking for a sex escort is the best solution. Since their primary objective is making you happy, you are guaranteed to end your night in sheer ecstasy. Below are tips on how you can get maximum pleasure in one night with a professional escort.

1) You Should Be Nice
Everyone should follow this principle. When you are a nice person, good things will always follow you and vice versa. Hence, if you are nice to an escort, both of you will end up satisfied because she will reciprocate the love. This shows how caring you are and not selfish. This will help you end up having the most memorable moment of your lifetime.

2) Avoid Being Shy
Being shy is normal, especially if it is your first time meeting with an escort. However, there are possible ways to overcome this shyness. Having to expose your body to a stranger is often the main reason for being shy about having sex with an escort. You can choose to use curtains to make the room darker or light some candles if you are not comfortable. This will make you more romantic as there will be limited light making you more comfortable than before. Additionally, you can suggest sex styles which involve less eye contact. You can have doggy style sex or any other suitable style where you will not have direct eye contact with an escort. This reduces shyness and improves performance to get the best sexual pleasure from her.

3) Massage
Keep in mind that the desires of an individual can be changed depending on their mood. Start by giving an escort an excellent relaxing massage without touching her erogenous parts right away. To anticipate every progression of passion, let everything occur slowly. This slow pace of seduction will drive her crazy leading her to want more.

Conclusively, escort services help in enhancing sex drive. Sizzling escort girls are highly passionate about eroticism. They are paid to fulfill your every desire, so make sure to get your money’s worth! Remember that escorts are very experienced about different sex positions and also different kinds of raunchy erotic jobs. Don’t be afraid to try new things that can make your awesome night even more amazing.

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